How to Heal, with Neal!

Welcome to my new blog, “How to Heal With Neal!”

That’s Me!

I’m Neal Kearney, a surfer and writer who happens to suffer from a mysterious, polyarthritic, musculoskeletal condition that causes me constant pain, grief, and tension. This blog will chronicle my struggle, warts and all, because I think that no one should feel alone in their struggle, and it’s O.K. to need help and support.  With that in mind I hope that this blog can inspire others, perhaps to the point in which they’d like to share their own stories on this site.

This will not only help individuals understand themselves, it will help those around them as well; people who care deeply about someone who is physically and/or mentally compromised and want to know how to help. The goal is to feel some sense of community and peace amidst the deluge of sorrow and corruption that is unfortunately poisoning our precious planet.

Thank you all for coming, you all mean a lot to me. If you’d like to share your story, email me at

-Peace and Happiness to All-

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